Learn How Anxiety Traps Your Mind? Understand how anxiety works so you can stop it.

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Learn How Anxiety Traps Your Mind?
Understand how anxiety works so you can stop it.
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Who We Are

We are a group of life-long feminists who believe in the pillars of feminism:

“Equal Rights and Respects for All Genders (and non-binary)”.

This is how simple and clear the fundamental of feminism is. Anything else is a distraction and deviation from this goal.

Why is the Male Suicide Rate at an All-Time High?

Our ultimate goal is to reduce the staggering male suicide to the lowest possible rate. Eighty percent of all suicide deaths in the US, UK, Canada, Israel, and most other countries are men. In the US the male to female completed suicide ratio is 4:1 and in some countries can go up to 7:1. Let’s have a quick overview of why this happens. Boys are bullied by grown-ups not to cry, not to show emotions, their toys and plays are dictated, they’re given a limited spectrum of permitted colors that they can choose from, wear and use, in many cases forced to play sports, shamed if they like crafting, baking, fashion, and art, many have to endure unnecessary aggression to “toughen up” that breaks and scars their spirits, parents withdraw physical affection at a dangerously early age, and many are neglected and just out there raising themselves without the proper care they deserve. 

If they happen to be born non-binary, homosexual, or transgender, their hardship is multiplied and their rate of suicide dramatically increases. When they grow up, they are already versed in a long list of natural human behaviors that if they participate in, they are deemed weak, and unmanly. They have the pressure to fit in a pseudo-alpha stereotype to get respect. They need to carry the label and the stress of being the primary provider, they’re expected to be rich, have the nicest house on the block, the best car, and show off the most beautiful woman on their arms as an added accessory. If they go through divorce and child custody courts, unless they can afford a $500/hour attorney, odds are they get to see their children on average 6-10 hours a month. Recession, unemployment, loneliness, the stigma of mental health, the stigma of seeking help along with emotional suppression creates a perfect pressure cooker that will explode sooner or later and society ends up with men comprising 80% of all suicide deaths.

Dr. F. Persia Jamshidi

In 2016, Dr. F. Persia Jamshidi, a cancer scientist working at a prestigious cancer center in NYC, came across the alarming and heartbreaking statistics of male suicide and homelessness. Shocked and horrified as to why this information is not the front-page news, she vowed to dig deep to discover the reasons behind this silent global crisis. She switched her focus from cancer to masculinity research, and within five years, she has worked with 7000 male research participants globally. She has cracked the code and has uncovered the answers to this devastating epidemic.

In 2020, she established the Positive Masculinity Academy, an educational for-profit company that supports honorable men who shine a light on positive masculinity by eradicating toxic masculinity. Her extensive research has demonstrated how the toxic culture of patriarchy creates insecure masculinity, which alongside other aspects of patriarchy, leads to toxic masculinity, and how it’s directly connected to the loss of life via suicide and homicide.

Positive Masculinity Academy’s mission is to extinguish insecure masculinity and how masculinity is viewed and measured as if it is quantifiable. The efforts are underway to publish The Masculinity Handbook and create an online course called Men Mastering Self-Worth.

However, to address the current calamity that the culture of patriarchy has fashioned over the millennia with its toxic teachings, it made sense to create a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in conjunction, to destigmatize mental health, destigmatize men asking for help and offer much-needed services, and resources to the most neglected men’s issues and to men who suffer – sometimes to the point of no return.

Dr. Jamshidi’s ultimate goal for both organizations is to reduce the rate of suicide and violence dramatically.